For over 50 years, "Müllermeister" Josef Olberts (flour mill specialist) developed his concept of natural food based on the original food habits of each species. In the beginning Markus-Mühle, produced natural animal feeding for live-stock for human consumption and later on continued elaborating domestic animal feed with the same principles, applying them to the current needs of our pets.
Given that the ancestor of the dog (canis familiaris) is the wolf Canis Lupus, Markus-Mühle used its feeding habits to create a natural formula for all the animal feeds.

Today, “the Parent Company" produces several lines of animal feed such as Luposan, Lupovet, Canis Natural, Real Nature and others. Each of these have different nutritional target which allow a range of possibilities to the special requirements of all dogs. All of our products share the same excellence of quality, the only difference pertains to the specific needs of your pet.

With increasing interesting in healthy natural eating, chemical and preservative free, Markus-Mühle products allow your dog to eat the correct food corresponding to their own species.

This concept of original feeding habits of each species has been the cornerstone on which Markus-Mühle has built the firm and all its brands. 


Therefore, products for dogs, cats and horses are manufactured as follows:  

  • Not extruded, drawn from 35 ° C to 45 ° C max. temperature, avoiding significant changes in their nutritional values.
  • All our product’s ingredients come from local production suitable for human consumption.
  • No preservatives, flavourings or colourings.
  • Free of genetically engineered products.
  • Free of non-organic minerals such as calcium carbonate, lime stone or flour fodder.
  • Free of plant components that are difficult to digest such as soy, wheat bran, husks and gluten.
  • Free of vegetable protein.
  • With free-ranged chicken meat. Free-range chickens are raised under the laws of Switzerland.
  • MER-free flour elaboration. In Germany, since 2000, it is forbidden to use such flour (containing the eyes, brains, feet, beaks, fur, feathers, products and / or meat of dead animals without quarantine).
  • Free from animal testing.

All, carefully selected raw materials are also subject to strict quality controls, as well as all products and varieties of pet foods and supplements of the company Markus-Mühle / LUPOSAN.

Long before their processing - directly at the supplier- are checked through audits and control approved by Markus-Mühle / Luposan, the specifications and quality characteristics of raw materials on site.

The company pays special attention, among others, a gentle production, GM-free, clean and traceability of each ingredient and product. Before the incoming raw materials are used in the production, there are a series of internal tests (using sensors, analytically and NIR spectroscopy) and also they are analyzed by external accredited testing laboratories for feed analysis. The same applies to the products we produce.

This is a process which is constantly optimized and it goes far beyond the legal requirements.

"In harmony with nature"
This phrase represents the very essence of the company’s philosophy.  Markus-Mühle, a company with over 50 years dedicated  to the elaboration of animal feeding for live-stock for human consumption and lately, for domestic animal feed