Packing, storage and transport

All of our products are shipped directly from the factory in Germany to the warehouse in Spain in refrigerated trucks with a controlled temperature of between 18 º -24 º C.

All products are stored in our central warehouse in Spain, which is insulated against heat and humidity. Supplements do not remain for long in our store, due to the fact that they are natural products without preservatives and with a short shelf life (6 to 7 months). In Luposan / Markus-Mühle in Spain we have a constant rotation of new merchandise, a weekly truckload from Germany insures supplements are always fresh. Our offers are not related to short expiration dates. Large companies and feed supplement resellers buy large quantities to get a price improvement, risking not selling the product in time and having to "finish them off with aggressive offers ". Often aggressive offers of these large multinationals are the result of these internal problems and many people buy them without knowing the real cause for the very “special price”.

For shipments within our country we use white thermo-protective boxes. The white rejects heat from sunlight thus protecting the freshness and helping respect the expiration date of our products. Especially in summer, the temperature in the courier van parked in direct sunlight can reach 80 ° C - 90 ° C. This is why we chose to deliver with courier companies such as MRW or UPS, they deliver within approx. 24hrs ensuring minimum risk to our products. 

Although a date is marked on the label, if a sensitive product like ours is abused in transport, exposed to long trips, sun, heat, etc., shelf life is considerably reduced, diminishing therapeutic effectiveness. 


Feed characteristics

We had a case in which we sold a truckload of the same batch of feed without any complaints, but one customer called us saying that there was something wrong with it. He then told us that the product was left in the car for 2 days in the sun in the middle of summer! For this reason, although we received orders from other countries in Europe, we do not send our feed outside Spain and even less so, in the summer.

Our motto is: We do not compromise our products in the elaboration process and we do not compromise them during transportation and storage!

All our supplements are natural based, produced in Germany using traditional cold “non-extrusion” processes. The different supplements come in several forms, usually powder or pressed into pellets.

Luposan only performs tests with their own pets because they are non-invasive (palatability, digestibility, urine pH, urine and feaces analysis, weight control). We have no laboratory nor do we hire animal laboratories to test our products. We believe that if a product is not suitable for our own dog then it is not suitable for any other!

All ingredients are 100% natural, they have all the major components of hunted prey as a dog would have in the wild: meat, cartilage, prey’s liquid essences, green material found in the stomach of prey, etc. These elements cover their needs, especially vitamins, trace elements and carbohydrates needed for a dog’s daily life.

It is a complete food, combining a thorough and balanced choice of ingredients achieved through cold processing, the ingredients are high quality, approved for human consumption. In most cases, we get them from local producers or we seek the closest production to our facilities. Our products do not contain Asian ingredients.

Our feeds are additive, flavor enhancer, flavouring, preservatives such as ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA, and astringent chemicals free, so we are sure that our pet is eating as healthy and as naturally possible.


Our meat

The meat contained in all our feeds (chicken, turkey, fish) are dried and floured. We declare the meat content water free, in other words, dried. In order to get 1 kg. of dehydrated chicken meat (dry) we need approx. 5 kgs of fresh meat (containing water). Almost all chicken and turkey meat comes from animals that live in semi-free range farms from Switzerland. According to animal welfare standards in this country, very ethical processes are used slaughtering these animals for consumption. The purity and high quality of this meat provides a high protein assimilation. 


Protein value - “That much meat, that much protein"

The first indicator of protein in meat is its crude protein content. This value is useful to determine digestibility. (After deducting limiting amino acid protein synthesis, the net value of the protein is approximately 65% of the available protein). The net protein concept is related to the concept of ideal protein, which is the combination of aminoacids perfectly covering animals’ needs.

Ideal protein in feed = Protein intake / amount ingested feed.

High quality dehydrated meat requires a lower percentage of meat to achieve a good level of protein. With poor quality meat (meat-bone meal containing, fur, feathers, leather, beaks, cereals, and other materials)it is necessary to increase the amount of meat flour to attain a desired protein level in feed: either 20%, 25%, 30%, etc. of crude protein. Not only meat meal can be of low quality but also the protein, being less prone to assimilation (harder to digest).

Our meat percentage is calculated to achieve a 24% - 25% of digestable high quality protein. To get that real final protein percentage it is more than enough if the feed contains between 26% to 30% maximum of dehydrated high quality meat, we make sure we don’t go over this percentage to avoid values that may be harmful to the dog. Too much meat/protein in our pets can cause liver and kidney disorders or can lead an aggressive temperament. Regarding puppies, it would be likely to cause disproportionate or accelerated growth of muscles and bones or an acidic overload, electrolyte imbalance, etc…We should also consider that apart from the protein in meat, there are other elements that add to the overall protein levels, ingredients such as egg yolk, chondroprotective mussels, fish meat, corn, cereals, etc.. Everything counts in the final sum of crude protein.

In southern European countries there is a palpable culture of "more is better, more effective”. For us it is actually the opposite. We should be aware that any brand of commercial feed that uses this "cultural weakness" to sell, is probably not a very healthy feed or nutritional values are not real. We must know that if a brand says its feed has, for example a 40% to 60% dried meat content, it is just a marketing strategy to sell, because if the feed had actually this high a percentage of dried meat, not only would the price be extremely high, also and more importantly, many dogs would end up eventually getting sick, with kidney and liver disease and could also have other complications in the future. The crude protein levels would be dangerously high when adding to these percentages of meat, other biological ingredients such as egg and cereals, etc.

I will give you an example of this cultural weakness where the "more is better" turned out to be quite the contrary: A neighbour, who had his palm tree infested with weevil, bought a special product for treating it. Believing that if he doubled the recommended dose, he would get rid of the weevil infestation once and for all. He put so much venom that he not only killed the weevil and its larvae but also killed the palm tree! So... careful with the slogan: "More is better”

One of LUPOSAN Germany’s motto says: "With less, we get more. What counts is the quality of the ingredients not the quantity!


Animal feed elaborated without going through the extrusion “fever”

The non-extrusion process allows all vitamins, proteins, animal fats and vegetable oils to be retained almost in their entirety, since it avoids the denaturalization of the primary biochemical components. This cold elaboration process allows LUPOSAN / MARKUS-MÜHLE’s feeds to attain high levels of palatability or acceptability as it improves the taste and increases the ingredient’s digestibility, favouring better absorption of food. In addition, using this technique, we are able to control moisture and reduce the susceptibility to decay (bacterial and fungal colonization etc.), This is also considered a craft that does not pollute the environment, so we keep within our philosophy of love and respect for mother Nature.

Under our mother company’s definition, extrusion means the same as heating food to very high temperatures for processing, and high temperatures are exactly what burns or kills lots of vitamins, proteins and trace elements from the raw material. This process requires that, after extruding, the product needs to be compensated by adding vitamins, fat and essential oils.


Lupo Feed in Pellets

Our feed is made in the form of pellets, without extruding and without air bubbles, which gives consistency to the compact feed. Try it: Fill a glass to the brim with Luposan’s feed and weigh it, then fill it with another equally good quality extruded feed and see that although the amount by volume is the same, Luposan’s feed will weigh more. With Luposan you will have: "LESS VOLUME + MORE QUANTITY"

Moreover this type of compact feed in dry pieces favors teeth cleaning and promotes abundant production of saliva by chewing which benefits digestion. It is ideal for dogs with sensitive gums and teeth, and to keep our pets teeth healthy.


What our customers say

The owners of the dogs fed with Luposan’s products, notice at once the healthy semblance of their beloved pets in their shiny fur, clear and bright eyes, healthy teeth and especially in its vitality and healthy digestion. Luposan works "from the inside" giving animals the necessary ingredients for supple joints, strong bones and teeth, robust muscles and good health in general, so the outside is only a reflection of the health of your pet. Another way to measure our pet’s health is by examining its feces. If your pet makes medium-sized, compact, firm and dark depositions, proper digestion is attained and absorption of nutrients is excellent. If however, you find small volumes or yellowish, pale stools, this indicates a poor absorption, bad quality feed or that the product is low in fiber. Fiber is necessary for the dog to keep its intestines clean. The stool is also an important element for veterinarians. When analizing them, doctors can find characteristics invisible to the naked eye.

Every 6-7 months is advisable to analyze your pet’s urine and feces, to get an idea of its health status, without the need for blood samples (which helps determine other parameters if necessary). Another tangible proof of Luposan’s quality has been provided by veterinarians. The differences in the results of blood tests from dogs that are fed with low quality feed and Luposan feed. Values for those fed with Luposan or other high-end feed, were within normal limits, but those fed with low quality feed were observed to have worrying levels and, in some cases, hepatic transaminases were touching dangerous parameters.


Nutrition, pillar of health and longevity


Feeding our pet low quality food, table scraps, too many treats, sweets or unbalanced food may lead, over time, to a pet with digestive problems, obesity or prone to allergies which certainly reduce quality of life. Nowadays, there is a high percentage of dogs suffering from obesity, in consequence we can see an increase of respiratory and cardiac diseases, osteoarthritis, diabetes, skin infections, cancer, etc. Luposan promotes a balanced nutrition, both in quality and quantity, to ensure that they remain healthy and happy so they last many years with us!

Pet’s lives, compared to ours, are very short. When they leave us, we suffer substancially... So we must give the best to avoid shortening their brief life with us. Though food is not all, it has an important place in the life and longevity of our beloved pet.



About 50 years ago, a group of German environmentalists, dog lovers and nature defenders (veterinarians, nutritionists, breeders, naturists and animal naturopaths), decided to get together with Markus-Mühle’s founder to talk about canine food origins. They were convinced that food plays an important role in our pets’ health and longevity.

After many meetings and long research, unsuccessfully trying to find in the international market an "all-natural" dog feed, decided to create one themselves. This feed should be as close as possible to the original food dogs would find in nature, processed as little as possible to maintain all the properties of its ingredients. From this initiative came the full range of products Luposan Markus-Mühle, a German family business. The result: A traditional and natural feed conceived for our pets’ health so they can reward their owners with the love only a pet can give.



The abrupt change of nutrients in some dogs may hinder the adaptation of their digestive system. It is important to introduce Luposan’s products progressively. It is advisable to mix it with your pets existing feed. The first 4-5 days, we recommend to mix ¾ of its usual feed and ¼ of Luposan’s. After a week, try half of its usual meal and half of Luposan and so on until Luposan gradually becomes its main meal. Some dogs tolerate sudden changes in food but we always advise to avoid possible complications, which usually lead to vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite and refusal to eat.

Remember our feed contains no preservatives and no flavourings chemically modified to enhance palatability just the natural smell of the product. There are dogs that manifest adverse reactions because their food suddenly lacks aroma and flavouring additives and they can react by vomiting, diarrhea, aggression, lack of appetite.

Do not worry nor give up, it is not because of Luposan, as you may think!

Continue patiently mixing Luposan with its previous feed until its body gets purified at a cellular level and the dependence for these chemical substances decreases.

Some dogs are more sensitive than others because they have more fragile digestive systems so it is better not to experiment with them. Apply the progressive method to avoid possible complications.

Enjoy life with your dog, he will thank you by remaining healthy for a very long time!



For a whole month, do not feed your dog any other food than: Luposan ® Natural-Extra, Acticell, Sport or Light, Sensitive and prepare to be amazed and convinced of Luposan’s quality, the first and only cold processed feed in Europe.

Many problems affecting your dog may be minimized or disappear. For example: digestive disorders, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, flatulence, skin eczema, some allergies, dandruff, year round hair loss, tangled hair, rough and dull, swollen ears, severe attacks of insect bites (ticks, fleas) and nervousness and in some cases, even aggressiveness. 

Give it a try, you will be amazed! Food with natural energy!


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“Beauty and vitality from within”