Let's define what is anxiety: a manifestation of the lack of essential affection, a mechanism of adaptation to the environment which is helpful in some ways (if the event is not excessively traumatic) to overcome certain demands of life.

Animals also suffer from anxiety and it is a known condition. One of the most worrying problems for dogs is that they are not able to manage loneliness. In fact it is one of the most frequent reasons for consulting dog trainers.


During the stage of teething, puppies salivate profusely and like to bite on everything to relieve the pressure they buildS up in their gums to reduce pain. This phase is very annoying and your dog will need something to chew whilst teething. The change comes from the fourth month of age and lasts about two months. 

Juani, I have always given my pets Luposan. Once, my dogs had diarrhea and started vomiting. I called Luposan quickly and we did a "back tracking". In the end we discovered that after buying the feed in the store, I left the bag for the whole weekend in the trunk of my car and it was the middle of summer. The car was in the sun from morning to night. The product got stale because these feeds are very delicate and do not contain artificial preservatives. If you don’t respect their storing conditions, problems may arise..

This article is very personal because I moved from the city to a house in the countryside, surrounded by a vast field, where my dog, a 2 year old Pointer, found many places to run, jump and explore… and it was then that he started having cuts in the pads of his paws.

I asked the vet in the area why this happened and if there was anything he could do, at the same time, I looked at forums to see if anyone had been through this with their pet and finally met a group of people who brought their dogs to hunt in the area, spoke to them and my research found these conclusions:

Puppies have sensitive stomachs and low digestive tolerance, so they can be prone to suffer from digestive problems. This is mainly due to the fact that their bowel is not yet fully developed. They can be prone to catch viral diseases and intestinal parasites due to their weak immune system. Under these circumstances it is necessary to give them an easily digested feed that is specially formulated to help them develop a state of optimal health.