The loss of our pet, dog , cat or other animal which is part of the family, is an emotional loss which leaves us bitter, frustrated , sad and confused and, in most cases, not knowing how to react.

If you lost your pet, you can use our website to publish an ad that may help you get it back.

We want to do our bit by offering our website as a way to reach out to thousands of people across Spain a photo and details of your lost pet to facilitate recognition and hopefully reunite you both again.


You should urgently send us photos of your pet, particular features of its body or behavior, hair color, age, and  if it is wearing a chip your name, where it got lost, since when and a phone number where people can call you. We will publish this information immediately in this section of our website .

Simultaneously you must do the following:

Focus on finding a solution, do not be panic or fall into despair : Act fast firmly.

  1. Go to the Local Police and the Guardia Civil in the area where the pet was lost. Show them pictures and give them any information they might find useful as well as your telephone number.
  2. Go to the nearest veterinary clinics and let them know of your loss also leaving photos and details.
  3. All associations and kennels in the area. It is best to take photos of your pet so that they can recognize it in case they want to adopt. Leave your phone number and if you have to put the ad outside, put it in a plastic bag so that rain does not deteriorate it.
  4. Put some "Lost" posters or ads with photo and phone. The ideal would be to ask people to them to let you put this notice in the veterinary , supermarkets, pet shops, and places frequented by dog walkers, bus stops , train stations, etc.
  5. A very important tip that often works. Around the  place or area where you lost your pet, leave some clothes of yours (without washing) next to a little bowl with water. Maybe your pet will catch on your scent and stay on your clothes waiting. You can put clothes in 2-3 different places and check on them regularly to see if your pet is there waiting for you!
  6. As the days go by and you have no news of your pet, start putting  more posters expanding the radius . Do not forget that a lost and disoriented dog can walk many miles in a day.
  7. Call or go by kennels or associtions every day asking if they know anything
  8. Is also very helpful to use Internet for this search. There are many sites offering this service.
    For example :

There is also the option to motivate people to be interested in finding your pet if you offer a reward, but this is a very personal decision.


Unfortunately, finding stray or "homeless" dogs as is very common in Spain and southern Europe countries.

What we must do if we want to pick a pet on the street , which is apparently lost is:

  1. Make sure that the owner is not around walking her dog.
  2. Confirm that it is not a dog that wont leave your house just to turn around and then returns. Once it happened to me , I was wanting to get a dog in a field while trying to catch him, among some bushes its owner appeared and said, " Heyyy that you want to do with my dog?
    After making sure that the dog is lost , which has its own Area ( this can be seen in his " lost behavior," crossing the uncontrolled streets , walking so lost without a goal, etc. . we could continue.
  3. Try to approach the dog gently, avoiding loud noises and movements, remember that the dog is scared and if we go straight to it and probably will scare and he will flee, one trick is to approach it in a zig-zag.
  4. You can try to call softly , while you can offer a prize, feed or fresh water. The stray dogs are often very hungry , if they carry several lost days.
  5. If you get that close , avoid pet immediately, but slowly observing their reactions, probably for fear you might growl , show teeth or even try to attack you.
  6. With a quiet and " selfless " behavior you have to look it reaches trust you will not see in you a danger or threat. In many cases these dogs lost are victims of people yell or throw stones.
  7. If the dog is dangerous, aggressive or try to attack you , it is better not to risk and call a specialist dog trainer or someone in a kennel or protective.
  8. If it is a dog that is scared and runs away , avoids chase . Sometimes for wanting to get a dog cause you to flee and cross the road recklessly causing death and injury. Many times I wanted to save a dog , but with much frustration I had to give up as lost the fleeing see and could not do anything, with prizes, or with loving calls ...
  9. Call and alerts the local police and Civil Guard finding. Descríbeles like the dog. If possible get even with mobile photos to clearly see. The police and the protective or kennels have microchip reader . If the animal had microchip , this greatly speeds up to find the owner.
  10. Warns protective or kennels in the area.
  11. If the animal has been hit or is injured , call a veterinarian or 112 or 092
  12. Communicate to veterinary clinics. Show them the pictures, because it can be a dog's veterinarian and client recognizes.
  13. Share finding and dog photos on pages . website mentioned above. Think of someone who lost their pet desperately looking to find any news or track your dog.
  14. If the dog will pick up and leave can put a belt , check if you have tattoo, a medal telephone or plastic identification as the rabies vaccination.
  15. Take him to a vet to check if you have microchip. If it had, the veterinarian may call the central records to give to the dog owner and inform him of the discovery.
  16. If you like the dog is affectionate and have the urge to keep it, you can take it to your home temporarily , but BEFORE you have to give notice and raise a Certificate in Local Police and Civil Guard and give notice to the vet , so that no suspected of the crime of misappropriation of what belongs to others or theft. This will prevent the poor animal suffer the shock of entering a kennel with many dogs or being in a cage. Provisionally would you give a home with the hope that the owner appears for him.

If you microchip , it must call the owner and you can have it until he comes for his animal. If I had no microchip, you can have it temporarily until after a reasonable time to find the owner. If the Local Police , Civil Guard or nobody showed Protective looking for that dog, you might consider definitely keep it. Then you should go to the vet , put Chip, do a complete checkup and appropriate immunizations .


I know of a tourist Englishman who came to spend the summer with his car to the Costa Blanca. When here for the holidays fired rockets , her dog, a Golden Retriever, not knowing about this practice pyrotechnic fireworks shot off running through a field of orange without being able to find more .


This bitter loss to this family vacation of English . Despite all efforts to find her dog ( holiday became finding your dog ) came the day of having to return to England. A sad return , because of this blessed practice that scares many animals and children left without their pet . After 2 months a family said they had a dog in their field. A vet read the microchip and discovered it was in England. Pulled off by the microchip details with English owner and next weekend to alicante flew his own pickup. A Happy Thanksgiving to Microchip , otherwise end had never recovered his dog.




Be sure to put your dog microchip . You can also place in cats and other animals.

The identification and registration of the pet is required by law in all regions , although some are made with other microchip and with a tattoo on the inside of the animal's ear .

When the veterinarian places the Microchip your dog automatically reports and registers your dog in the provincial or local registration information containing the microchip , a number that is associated with your data, country , address, phone.

A dog without Microchip could lose it forever , it is like a dog without any officially own it could be .

The Microchip Registration is like a car. The microchip to find thousands of dogs , cats and ferrets are lost each year in Spain , as well as fighting against animal abandonment.

Place Microchip your pets!

Requires no batteries or maintenance and is great as a grain of rice. Placement under the skin of the neck is instantaneous and painless.

Love your pet and meet your obligations under the law for your sake and your pet!