In Markus Mühle® / Luposan® the goal is to produce 100% natural food, natural food based on each species needs.

The ingredients must be of high quality (the meat comes from poultry raised in semi-free-ranged farms and fish comes from the sea), avoiding genetically modified raw materials and all kinds of additives, preservatives, flavouring and colouring chemicals.

The process has to be handcrafted , ie by a cold pressure system (not extruded) that generates compact pellets (not croquettes). This system reduces the deterioration of nutritional values ​​and achieves better digestibility of all ingredients. This method, avoiding high temperatures, also reduces distortion of the animal feed and supplements (reduced transformation of fats, vitamins and protein degradation).


Another important element in our work philosophy and production is transport, storage and handling of feed and supplements. A good product requires special care to maintain its actual shelf life and freshness. According to FAO studies, food quality is changed after spending time in storage or being transported on long journeys. Our feeds have a shelf life of 6 to 8 months and have no preservatives. So all goods are transported  from Luposan / Markus-Mühle Germany to Luposan / Markus-Mühle Spain  in refrigerated trucks. Storage, especially in Spain and southern Europe, should be stocked in waehouses equipped to resist the heat and humidity. Shipments to customers must be made with carrier companies to expose the product as little as possible to the high heat. With these precautions we make sure our pets ingest the ingredients necessary for its development, good health and longevity.

For over 50 years Markus-Mühle, the mother company of all products with different brands, consciously follows the initial goal of a natural food focused on the nature of each species and free from animal testing.
Our philosophy, it is important to note, that the love for animals and respect for the environment are a staple in this family business. We believe that the economic benefit is important and necessary but as a result of conscientious work and a passion for animals, our friends.