LOBO PARK, Antequera, Málaga

 Our friend and colleague

Lobopark, is a natural preserve for wolves. It is a private scientific center for the study of the Canis Lupus and Canis Familiaris.


 Its primary Mission is Research and Education on nature, the wolf and the dog.

•  At Lobo Park we study the natural social behavior of wild wolves and give others the opportunity to perform their own scientific research.

•  This research is based on results, so that they provide their discoveries openly to the public.

•  We, and especially Conrado, are enriched by this knowledge to grow everything regarding nature and wildlife, understanding the dog of today much better (Canis Lupus Familiaris) studying the "grandparent" of the dog (Canis Lupus).

The director, Daniel Weigend, is passionate about nature, wolves and dogs. He has many years of experience with these animals. His knowledge is based on his studies but especially in practice oriented to results. He is also a great specialist with a wealth of knowledge about natural nutrition, for wolves, dogs but also humans. To him, the wolves with their different subspecies are his children and cares for them "better than himself".

We support the work of Lobopark with our feeds, which are all that Daniel Weigend wants for his wolves.

Daniel says:

“Digestive system of my wolves is very sensitive to industrial foods; that is why they eat fresh meat and furthermore, to complete their diet in a natural way, I give them Luposan / Markus-Mühle, especially the Natural-Extra. My wolves assimilate this food without any problem. They are beautiful and full of health and vitality! They reach advanced ages in very good health. So, if these foods are the best that I have tried for my wolves (the grandparents of the dog), I have no doubt that will be also the best for their grandchildren, the dogs”

We at Lobopark are here for the protection and defense of the wolf.

Especially in Spain, there is a false popular image of the wolf. It is seen as a dangerous animal, mysterious, treacherous, destructive, that attacks cattle, sheep, and chickens. Great hunts are organized (sometimes exaggerated) against the wolf. In reality it was discovered that in some cases sheep were sick and they killed them saying "the wolves did it" to obtain grants. In other cases, the mastiffs, malnourished and hungry, may have killed a sheep, perhaps injured, to eat it with the desperation of hunger. Later, the wolf would be blamed to obtain the corresponding benefits of the Autonomous Community. Behind many of these cases is, as nearly always happens, the interest in the "mighty dollar" and taking maximum advantage.

Here is a discovery that dazzled the scientists. A video that is traveling the entire world.


In this article of the ABC show the importance of the wolf in the ecosystem of nature:

How could a small herd of wolves that were reintroduced in 1995 into Yellowstone park changed the course of a river and regenerated the vegetation and the entire nature of a large area of United States, BALANCING THE ECOSYSTEM. 

Information on Lobopark

Open to the public: (An unforgettable experience)

The Natural Park offers a fun and exciting experience for families, a free day close to nature. The spacious landscape offers a refreshing change for visitors, who not only enjoy the herds of wolves and their games and hunting habits, but also a luxuriant natural preserve. The visits are coordinated by professionals who are aware of the psychology of the wolves as well as the various vibrations and forces within the herd. It is educational, at the same time that it is a way of relaxing. Visit us to enjoy a day with the wolves and learn something new at every visit!

Night of the howls

For fans of the wolves and the dogs, the Nights of the Howls are something very especial, unique! Do not miss this experience every night with a full moon and May to October on weekends.

Seeing the wolves at night is seeing them in a different light. When the air begins to cool and the sun begins to fall, the wolves become animated. It is, furthermore, the best time to hear them howl.

When we ask people how wolves communicate, the majority of people answer by howling. However, they actually communicate with a great variety of methods through sound, scent and body language. The sounds of the wolves range from the spine-chilling howls that serve to call the herd together and that have a great role in socialization and bonding, to the short barks that mean fear and are used to notify others members of the herd about threats or to frighten intruders. Other sounds include moans, whimpers, howls, growls and roars, which are heard probably with more frequency than the howls, but it is the howl that defines the wolf and fascinates human beings.

Without a doubt, an unforgettable a night!

The program begins with a time of observing the other animals in the sanctuary and enjoying a small aperitif on the terrace with the magnificent view of back of the sierra of the Torcal, also a must to visit due to its beauty and the particular condition of the stones and rocks.


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The Lobo Park is located 7km south of the city of Antequera in the province of Málaga. Follow the road A-343 from Antequera to Álora, just behind the nature reserve of the Sierra del Torcal mountain range.

Telephone: 952 031 107

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