All our feeds are packed in our factory in Germany in triple layer bags made from 100% organic material to maintain the feed’s freshness and specific properties.

The products are transported to Luposan-Spain directly from Luposan / Markus-Mühle factory in Germany in refrigerated trucks at controlled temperatures between 18 º -24 º C.
Once at our central warehouse in Spain, located in Dénia, in the province of Alicante, our products are stored for a short period of time isolated from the cold and heat, as well as any pests until the product is packed in our corrugated white cardboard boxes suitable for agricultural use, specially conceived for Luposan-Spain. Given their charactaristics and technological innovations these boxes are designed to protect our products from heat, managing to keep the feed’s properties intact in extreme temperatures, which can get really high around the area, especially in the summer.
In Luposan-Spain we do not cut costs on the preservation of products for our pets, we know that a good product must have a good logistic process to prevent damage to the goods (physically i.e the product turning into dust from excessive or careless handling, or palatability-change in taste by the decomposition of the product or the loss of the ingredients’ properties through excessive heat exposure). This is why we only hire urgent courier companies to deliver our Lupo-Clients orders.