In Luposan Spain, our priority is the welfare of our pets. That is why all of our policies, marketing and strategies are aimed at improving service to our end customers, the owners of a happy and healthy dog.

From the beginning, Luposan has sought to give a personalized service to all of our clients, and, to the extent of our knowledge, give advice on the best food and the right supplements for each of their pets.

During the years we have been in Spain, we can say that we have become experts in dealing with the nutritional needs of our beloved dogs, we truly know each and all of our products and we want each consultation to help maintain the health and happiness of your pet. In the case of not having the answer to a specific query, we commit ourselves to research and provide the best response possible in the shortest period of time.

Any possible incidents occurring in transport are directly managed by our staff, offering a constant customer service, taking care of any setbacks or logistical problems.

We offer advice regarding health care and the introduction of our food into your pets’ diet, always from one of our trained staff.

In the area surrounding Alicante and Valencia we have implemented Lupo-Cast, which is managed by a canine trainer with over 25 years of experience offering free advice to improve the behavior and habits of your canine companions.

In Luposan-Spain the best employee is the one who best advises our Lupo-Customers, not the one who sells most.