Introduction to lupo-accessories 

In keeping with our philosophy and awareness of an animals possible ailments, we created a line of natural therapeutic supplements, with no chemical preservatives, artificial colours or fragrances and free of genetically modified ingredients. The active ingredients contained in each product to help revitalize, support health, relieve and improve the recovery of an animal’s specific condition, and / or to cure a disease (without drugs), etc., are basically are the same active ingredients used in traditional naturalistic, alternative medicine.

As always in our production process, we use traditional methods that preserve the best nutrients, thus creating a line of natural supplements for the specific needs of each species (dogs, cats and horses).

For dogs, cats and horses, we have a range of appropriate supplements to help strengthen and restore the animal’s health. We have over 14 natural supplements recommended to prevent and / or treat most common diseases such as:

  • Joint problems for dogs, cats and horses: (Gelenkkraft)
  • Skin allergic complications for dogs, cats and horses: ( Lupo-Derm) 
  • Revitalizing general immune system, booster for dogs and cats: (Lachsöl) 
  • Natural Slimming Supplement for Dogs (Schnell Schlank) 
  • Strengthen nails hair and skin of dogs, cats and horses (Biotin Plus)
  • Mixed herbal remedies for dogs: (Kräuterkraft) 
  • Natural parasite repellent for dogs and horses (Zeckweg) 
  • Natural cleaning dog teeth and gums: (Plaquex) 
  • Revitalizing and nutritional support for dogs (LupoCox-GRA)
  • Regulate digestive activity and improve nutrients absorption for dogs, cats and horses (MoorLiquid) 
  • Strengthen the skeletal system and teeth for dogs (Biomineral)

All supplements have different forms, some are in powder, pellets, different tablets and also other different formats.


Packing, storage and transport

All of our products are shipped directly from the factory in Germany to the warehouse in Spain in refrigerated trucks with a controlled temperature of between 18 º -24 º C.

All products are stored in our central warehouse in Spain, which is insulated against heat and humidity. Supplements do not remain for long in our store, due to the fact that they are natural products without preservatives and with a short shelf life. In Luposan / Markus-Mühle in Spain we have a constant rotation of new merchandise, a weekly truckload from Germany insures supplements are always fresh. Our offers are not related to short expiration dates. Large companies and feed supplement resellers buy large quantities to get a price improvement, risking not selling the product in time and having to "finish them off with aggressive offers ". Often aggressive offers of these large multinationals are the result of these internal problems and many people buy them without knowing the real cause for the very “special price”.

For shipments within Spain we have chosen courier companies as MRW, UPS, etc., They deliver within approx. 24hrs ensuring minimum risk to our products. In summer, the temperature in the courier van parked in direct sunlight can reach up to 80 ° C - 90 ° C.

Although a date is marked on the label, if a sensitive product like ours is abused in transport, exposed to long trips, sun, heat, etc., shelf life is considerably reduced, losing therapeutic effectiveness, it can become rancid or smell different. For this reason we do not ship our products outside of Spain and even less so in summer.

Our motto is: We do not compromise our products in the elaboration process and we do not compromise them during transportation and storage!


Lupo-Accessories special features

All our supplements are natural based, produced in Germany using traditional cold “non-extrusion” processes. The different supplements come in several forms, usually powder or pressed into pellets, tablets and MoorLiquid – thick “mud-like” liquid.

Luposan only performs tests with their own pets because they are non-invasive (palatability, digestibility, urine pH, urine and feaces analysis). We have no laboratory nor do we hire animal laboratories to test our products. We believe that if a product is not suitable for our own dog then it is not suitable for any other!

All ingredients are 100% natural.

Our supplements are additive, flavouring, flavour enhancer, ethoxyquin, BHT and BHA, and astringent chemicals free, so we are sure that our pet is eating as healthily and naturally as possible.


What our customers say

Dog owners that have given their pets our supplements, especially Gelenkkraft for joints, Lupoderm for hair and skin, or MoorLiquid for intestinal problems, diarrhea and stomach pains, among others, notice the results in their beloved pets. Many customers write to tell us that since they started giving Gelenkkraft to their pets, they can see a huge improvement after 15-25 days. Their pet slowly climbs back up the stairs or gets into the car and the pain seems to alleviate considerably, etc. Others tell us that after feeding Lupoderm  to some of their show cats, they could see a beautifully improved lustre to the fur, whilst those who did not have Lupoderm seemed to remain dull and drab in comparison. Others who had dogs with chronic diarrhea or a very sensitive intestinal tract, after feeding them MoorLiquid , cured their diarrhea. All these testimonials from our customers are the best proof for us and make us feel proud to offer something so beneficial. Obviously our products do not give the same results for all dogs, but overall we are pleased with the positive results and feed- back we have received throughout Europe.



Definition: naturopathic medicine, naturopathic, herbal medicine, homeopathy, naturopathy, alternative or traditional medicine is a parascience that covers a range of therapies or practices intended to be preventive, prophylactic, using natural elements obtained using nature (plants generally ) with a low or zero level of processing. In some countries these therapeutic practices with natural elements, are officially recognized.

Supplement ingredients:

The ingredients we use in each of our therapeutic supplements derive from herbal or natural alternative medicine.

Fitotherapy comes from the Greek word meaning plant- Fyton, and therapy means healing, support, solve, accompany, ... etc. applying these supplements and natural remedies (plant extracts) to maintain good condition or to prevent, alleviate or treat diseases and ailments. In our case we include other ingredients which are not only of vegetable origin, such as the Perna canaliculus mussel for the treatment of inflamed joints. MoorLiquid is natural clay used in the treatment of diarrhea. The use of plants as natural therapeutic medicine is as old as man. Today, science recognizes the presence of chemical compounds in many plants, with pharmacological actions and healing properties, which in many cases are the primary ingredients used by pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs. These ingredients in their original condition are called "bioactive principles."

These primary bioactive chemicals are purified and developed by pharmaceutical industries and applied in the prevention, mitigation, treatment and cure of illnesses to avoid the appearance of unwanted physiological processes or to modify physiological conditions for specific healing purposes. Plant based active substances are absorbed by living organisms and can be stored, processed or disposed.

After many years of experience and based on the principles of alternative natural medicine, Luposan adapted natural active substances to pets, particularly dogs, then cats and recently,horses.

Depending on the animal’s need, whether it is for maintenance, support, prevention, in case of certain conditions or deficiencies, we produce our food supplements choosing specific ingredients for each case: for example, for joint diseases we use active substances of herbal medicine such as Nettle, Dandelion, Harpagon, OPC or Perna canaliculus mussel meat extract which naturally contains Glycosaminoglycans, Chondroitin sulfate 4-6, heparin, heparin sulfate and omega 3 fatty acids. Although there are no medicinal products produced by the pharmaceutical industry, our goal is to help cure some ailments that our pets suffer with natural elements.

Some of the ingredients used in the various supplements and feed:

Algae, microalgae, Spirulina, mixture of different herbs and seeds, salmon oil, yeast, fennel, Natural Clay Marsh, Hawthorn, Artichoke, Schisandra, Milk Thistle, Ginseng, Evening Primrose, Eleutherococcus or Siberian Ginseng, Yiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), OPC grape seed, siliceous earth, Nettle, Garlic, Blueberries (Vaccinium), Chamomile, Thyme, Tagetes (Chempasuchil), Fennel Extract, Yucca, Salvadora persica, leaves of Betula (birch), Tierra Verde, Solidago (Goldenrod), Green Tea, diatomaceous earth, Plantago, chestnuts, Blackberry, Rosemary, etc.

Our supplements do not contain ingredients of Asian origin.

Shortly, we will make available a glossary explaining the therapeutic properties of each ingredient.

One of LUPOSAN Germany’s motto says: "With less, we get more. What counts is the quality of the ingredients not the quantity!



Although food supplements with therapeutic natural action, are not drugs, it is important, especially the first time you feed your pet our products to consult us first. We can advise if you have chosen the right product or supplement, which is the best way to introduce it to your pet’s diet, daily doses, time of use, care, side-effects, etc.

We had a case in which a puppy owner gave them double the recommended dose of Biomineral, thinking it would be much more effective. Although it is a natural product, the wrong dose caused a premature epiphyseal welding. The high amount of calcium given made it impossible for the skeleton to grow naturally as a whole, resulting in dogs a little smaller than the normal size.

We also had another difficult case, with chondroprotective Gelenkkraft. This product should be used properly, not because it is dangerous but because it contains 36% protein and if abused as in the case above, we would be giving our pet a protein overdose. This product is great but must be used well. Sometimes we advise the client half of the recommended dose to start with, in most cases this half dose proves to be enough.

We do not want to sell just to make a profit, we would like to make a sustainable activity so we offer our free support. We are not animal feed and supplement resellers, we are Luposan and we know our stuff!

Enjoy life with your dog, he will thank you by remaining healthy for a very long time!

Have a look at our range of natural-based feed:  nature based, with high quality ingredients and no extrusion.

“Beauty and vitality from the inside"