In Luposan-Spain we are committed to the welfare of all animals, so we continuously participate or sponsor activities and projects that protect and improve the situation of abandoned dogs.

We also have special prices for dog shelters from which Luposan gains no profit, only covering the product costs and shipping.
In some special cases Luposan intervenes directly in the care and training of dogs that were about to be put down, thanks to the support of our dog trainer who has donated his time and experience to the care and treatment of certain traumatized and abused dogs.
In 2012 we rescued 3 abandoned dogs from the streets near our central warehouse and we provided them with food, veterinary care and training.
Once recovered and in optimal condition we found new homes with responsible owners, people who really care about animals.
In 2013, Luposan has donated over 10,000 kg of prime feed. We know that is not enough but we also know that every little helps and that we want to be part of something that helps our beloved pets.