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[tab_item title='Introduction']ZECKWEG POWDER. A natural food supplement that repels fleas and ticks.


Zeckweg powdered supplement is transported directly from our Markus-Mühle factory in Germany to our warehouse in Spain in refrigerated trucks between 18ºC-24ºC. Being a natural product, it is very sensitive to heat and damp as it contains no preservatives. We send the packages to the whole of Spain in thermo-protective boxes within approximately 24 hours in order to maintain its freshness and shelf life.


Zeckweg powder is a natural food supplement composed of a mixture of biologically active substances which are used for protection against fleas, ticks and other parasites due to a catalyst and inhibitor effect, which produces a particular odor on the skin of your dog. Thanks to these active substances, that come from garlic and fenugreek, this product also combats some intestinal worms.


Available in 600gr  and 1.200kg packages (Powder).[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='General information ']


A natural method that provides a potent derma-protection against fleas and ticks.


In German, ZECKWEG means: "away with ticks"


One of the causes of excessive propensity to an infestation of ticks, fleas and other derma-parasites of our dogs, depends, in many cases, on a poor and monotonous diet that causes acidosis in their bodies. The base-acid regulation purposefully influencing physical chemical reactions in the skin of the animal. By implementing Zeckweg in our dogs diet we provide them with optimal protection from external parasites.


Metabolism disorders that ticks can provoke are severe and can even cause diseases like piroplasmia, erloquiosis, borreliosis, etc.., Infections, anemia, among others, so it is important to strengthen our dog in every sense, both inside and out. When it comes to protecting our pets, there is no such thing as “too much”.


ZECKWEG powder provides a natural way for the skin to have the necessary nutrients and stimulates the metabolism to repel fleas, ticks and other derma-parasites. Its catalyst facilitates blood cleansing, inhibits dog’s odor, and has a positive effect on the overall welfare of the animal.


In our naturist initiative, we have prepared this food supplement for dog lovers so they have a natural choice to give to their dogs as an internal anti-parasitic. In hotter climates with higher parasite populations, with very high immunity to insecticides and chemical active ingredients conventionally used as repellents, it may be necessary to fight pests both externally (natural, conventional or chemical treatments) as internally in order to achieve optimal results!


Chemical anti-parasite treatments act on the surface of the skin and fur of the animal. Luposan Zeckweg, works from the inside out.


Because it is a natural product, its effect is slower than a chemical. The results only becoming noticeable after 2-3 weeks of regular administration. Therefore it is advisable to start the treatment 1 month before the occurrence of ticks or fleas. In very hot areas, such as southern Spain, it is advisable to begin treatment before or increase the daily dose.


Zeckweg is produced in our German factory, using a traditional low temperature method (38 ° C - max. 45 ° C) using hydropower to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our product is elaborated under the highest quality standards.

Luposan / Spain takes extreme care in transporting their feeds and supplements in refrigerated trucks with a controlled temperature directly to our warehouse in Spain. This means that our timeframe from Germany to Spain, is maximum 4-5 days, allowing freshness to be preserved constantly.

We send our feeds and supplements in refrigerated trucks for international transport. We hire renowned urgent domestic couriers such as MRW, UPS or DHL, amongst others, to ensure that your reception time is approximately 24 h - 48 h maximum, from our warehouse to your home as they are highly sensitive natural products.

This type of distribution implies an increase in our costs, but we do not jeopardize our pets’ food. A natural feed with a short shelf life, exposed to poor storage and lengthy transportation may lose many of its properties. We do not risk it. (Cheap tends to turn to expensive and for us, quality is priceless).


We recommend purchasing our products, especially supplements, after being advised by one of our team members. Our goal is not only to sell but help and advise you to get the best results and avoid complications for you and your pet. Feel free to call us: 965 76 76 76 Luposan-Spain.



[tab_item title='Recommended for']


As a natural food supplement, skin parasite repellent, and blood purifier, it is recommended for all ages and breeds. Ideally, the treatment should start one month before the appearance of ticks and fleas, because as a natural complement its effect is slower than a chemical product.

If your dog lives in the countryside, it is advisable to strengthen the repellent effects against derma parasites with external products such as pipettes, sprays, collars, talc, etc..


Zeckweg has a neutral odor to humans but repellent to skin parasites.


It is important not to abuse Zeckweg and supplements in general. The word completion is the key, supplements should only supplement. They should bring an extra nutritional value where deficiencies exist, strengthening weaknesses may come to have therapeutic and curative results. However, you should be aware that if used excessively and without control or guidance, these products can cause the opposite effect of what is intended, ie unwanted imbalances in the body.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='Analysis']


Analytical constituents per kg

Crude protein: 25%
Crude fat: 1,70%
Incinerated residue: 8,60%
Crude fiber: 1%
Zinc: 250mg
Vitamin B1: 6000mg
Vitamin B2: 24mg
Vitamin B3: 48mg


[tab_item title='Ingredients']


  • •Whey



    •Fenugreek seeds





[tab_item title='Dosage']


How to use - Daily Allowance:

Each packet contains a measuring spoon (6 grams)
Puppies and small breeds: 1/2 a spoon a day

Small breeds: 1 spoon a day

Medium breeds: 2 spoons a day

Large breeds: Up to 4 spoons a day

How to use:

It is very important NOT to give this supplement dry but MIXING with your dog's food or natural unsweetened yogurt or liquid cheese. Being a 100% natural food, their effects are moderate and slow. So you should start giving your dog this product one month before entering the period of the appearance of ticks, fleas, mosquitoes, etc.


In cases of extreme heat and infected areas of fleas and ticks, it is advisable to double the dose.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='Suggestions']


Among the most active substances found in Zeckweg we find garlic and fenugreek, listed below you can find their properties and nutritional composition.


Garlic (Allium sativum)- Considered a natural ingredient favouring blood circulation, a stabilizer of the intestinal flora, a supplier of vital substances and rich in antioxidants, antibiotics and a natural insect repellent thanks to its trace elements.

Garlic has blood cleansing properties and detoxifying properties, which are positive for dog's skin (especially those with skin problems such as eczema). Garlic is also a powerful insect repellent as ticks and insects cannot stand garlic, although it must always be used carefully, avoiding falling into excesses. As we always say in Luposan: "More does not necessarily mean better"


Nutritional composition of garlic per 100 gr.


- Energy150 calories

- Fat 0.5 g

- Protein 6.36 g

- Carbohydrates 33.06 g

- Phosphorus 153 mg

- Iron 1.7 mg

- Sodium 17 mg

- Magnesium 25 mg

- Zinc1.16 mg

- Calcium181 mg

- Vitamin C 31.2 mg

- Vitamin B61235 mg

- Pantothenic acid (B5) 0.596 mg

- Niacin 0.7 mg


Alholva (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

The main components found in this plant are:


• Carbohydrate (25%), especially mucilages (galactomannans) located in the albumen.

• Proteins (25%).

• Phosphorus compounds: lecithin, phytin; hill, trigonelline.

• Saponosides steroids: diosgenin / yamogenina (1%), fenugrequina.

• Phytosterols: cholesterol, sitosterol.

• Flavonoids: vitexin, saponaretina, trigonelline, homoorientina.

• Unsaturated fatty acids (7%): oleic, linoleic, palmitic.

• Coumarins Trace

• Mineral salts: abundant iron and manganese salts.

• Vitamins: Vitamin A, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin.

• Traces of essential oil (0.015%), rich in anethole.


Therapeutic properties include:


Mild laxative, thanks to the action of the mucilage and the galactomannans.

• Helps maintain a healthy apetite (adjuvant treatments for weight gain).

Anti-anemic, mild hypoglycemic, hypo-lipidemic, hepato-protective, galactogenic.

Anti-inflammatory, emollient, demulcent, antiseptic

Repellent to parasites. It’s essential oil is used as a repellent.


[tab_item title='Results']



In Germany and some Nordic countries, tests have given very good results.

Dogs that were given Zeckweg for 2 months, were placed in swamp areas infested with ticks and mosquitoes.

These dogs had not been treated with any product or treatment other than Zeckweg. After 4 days, we found that none of these parasites had "nested" in any of our test dogs.

Another group of dogs were then placed in the same spot without ever having Zeckweg and on the first day, ticks were already nesting, we had to quickly remove all traces to avoid diseases. Zeckweg was implemented for 30 days and the same group of dogs were returned to the same area. Result: None infected by any parasite.


The strength of the natural ingredients of this product has proved to be very effective in repelling pests.


Zeckwegs effectiveness may vary according to geographical conditions and climate. In hot areas, such as southern Spain, because ticks are stronger and more resistant, it is advisable to increase the normal dose by 50%, especially for the first 15-20 days.

[quote]This is the second year that I’ve given  my dog Zeckweg and i hope it works like last year, very few ticks attacked Chester and most importantly it doesn’t contain chemicals.[/quote]

[quote]My dog is allergic to the active ingredient fipronil in almost all suppressors that are on the market (pipettes, spays, necklaces) so the discovery of Luposan and your product Zeckweg has given Mu the possibility of country walks without being  infested with fleas and ticks.[/quote]

[quote]Last year I had twins and I worried a lot because of my dogs Marley and Rasta. I normally used a pipette and necklace but they live at home with us and i did not want my babies coming into contact with these chemicals. As I feed them  Luposan Hypoallergenic, I asked if they had any natural product against fleas and they recommended the powder Zeckweg, I give it to them with the kids yogurt and it’s fantastic, every morning waiting for their treat and I see how  flea free our home is.[/quote]

[quote]At first giving Zeckweg to my hounds was complicated, they had to get used to the taste of garlic, but  they soon overcame the bitter taste .... it’s a great choice .... walks, playing, hunting in the woods without coming home with hundreds of ticks, some stick to them, sure, but I have found that they do not reproduce.[/quote]

[quote]My dog has real trouble with zeckweg. If he smells the product. he does not even approach the plate, I tried putting it in yogurt, sour cream and broth, nothing has worked, if you know how I can make him take it I would be very grateful .[/quote]

[quote]I have 3 dogs, all have improved fur, they look amazing, ticks will have very little effect but fleas are more resistant…the results continue being favorable but if they could do something to improve the formula against fleas it would be the perfect supplement.[/quote]

[quote]I must confess that I am the most skeptical person when it comes to natural products, I never would have purchased this product for my dogs, but my girlfriend is a lover of nature and has taught  me a great lesson. For Chrsitmas she came home with a 1200gr pack of Zeckweg. Completely incredulous, I committed to giving it to them, and a couple of months later I realized that although the weather changed, I had not renewed the pipette and they had not caught fleas or ticks on our mountain walks. I will continue giving it to them and observe the results. So far fantastic. I do use a collar for the mosquitoes and I will not take it away though.[/quote][/tab_item]

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