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Strips of dried cowhide

As your dog chews this delicious snack his jaw will be strengthened, his gums massaged and his teeth cleaned . The snack " cowhide strips " is slowly dehydrated in hot air ovens . Made in Germany. 100 % cowhide.

 Long-term entertainment for your dog.

Without any preservatives, chemical additives, chemical colorants or flavorings


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To send the products to our "Lupo-clients" in Spain, we hire courier companies highly regarded as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. to ensure that your reception time is 24 h - 48 h maximum. This type of distribution implies an increase in our costs, however, do not save or play with the product quality that our pets eat. 


We recommend purchasing our products, especially accessories, with the advice. Our goal is not only to sell, but to help and advise you to get the best results and avoid complications from their pets. Please call: 965 76 76 76 Luposan-Spain.[/tab_item]

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1. All dogs regardless of their age, weight and race

2. Considered a classic snack , " the lifetime snack" . It keeps the teeth clean and for its dried and hard consistency your dogs is being entertained for a long time

3. For dogs who spend time alone, so they are entertained and not wrecking or bite furniture, shoes , etc.


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  • Crude protein : 86.40 %

    Crude fat : 1%

    Waste incinerated 0.5 %

    Crude fiber 0.6 %

    Humidity: 11.5 %


    Approximate size: 12x3 and 15x3 cm unit


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  • Composition: 100 % cowhide


[tab_item title='Dosage']


  • Because of its high protein content we recommend a moderate feeding.


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