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[tab_item title='Introduction']KRÄUTERKRAFT 30 (POWDER)

Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder) is an antioxidant and multivitamin complex formulated following the principles of phytotherapy applied to canine nutrition.

Containing a mixture of 30 different herbs and spices

The Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder) supplement is transported directly from our Markus-Mühle factory in Germany to our warehouse in Spain in refrigerated trucks between 18ºC-24ºC. Being a natural product, it is very sensitive to heat and damp as it contains no preservatives. We send the packages to the whole of Spain in thermo-protective boxes within approximately 24 hours in order to maintain its freshness and shelf life.

Available in 500gr. and 1000gr. packages[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='General information ']


It's called Kräuterkraft 30 because it contains 30 different herbs that have been known and used for centuries as "healing herbs, herbal medicine teas, etc".


The natural supplement KRÄUTERKRAFT 30 powder has the natural power of plants and herbs which help our pet in a prophylactic and preventive manner against the symptoms of poor nutrition, helps improve the absorption of nutrients, strengthens bones, relieves some allergies caused by industrial food, aids growth and supports the immune system.


The natural power of healing herbs and alternative medicine in our hands!


Recommended for almost all ailments!


The Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder) is a unique natural product that contains a combination of 30 different herbs, plants, algae, and other natural products.

The Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder) is produced in our German factory, using a traditional  low temperature method (38 ° C - max. 45 ° C) using hydropower to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Our product is elaborated under the highest quality standards.

Luposan / Spain takes extreme care in transporting their feeds and supplements in refrigerated trucks with a controlled temperature directly to our warehouse in Spain. This means that our timeframe from Germany to Spain, is maximum 4-5 days, allowing freshness to be preserved constantly.

We send our feeds and supplements in refrigerated trucks for international transport. We hire renowned urgent domestic couriers such as MRW, UPS or DHL, amongst others, to ensure that your reception time is approximately 24 h - 48 h maximum, from our warehouse to your home as they are highly sensitive natural products.

This type of distribution implies an increase in our costs, but we do not jeopardize our pets’ food. A natural feed with a short shelf life, exposed to poor storage and lengthy transportation may lose many of its properties. We do not risk it. (Cheap tends to turn to expensive and for us, quality is priceless).


We recommend purchasing our products, especially supplements, after being advised by one of our team members. Our goal is not only to sell but help and advise you to get the best results and avoid complications for you and your pet. Feel free to call us: 965 76 76 76 Luposan-Spain.


[tab_item title='Recommended for']



    * Reduction of the symptoms caused by poor nutrition

    * The improvement of absorption of nutrients 

    * Irritated skin and dandruff

    * Dry and tangled fur

    * Itching caused by allergies

    * Untimely fur loss 

    * Bone system disorders

    * Numb ligaments and tendons

    * Disturbances in growth

    * Digestive problems (diarrhea or vomiting).

    * Stiff joints


    By giving your dog Luposan Kräuterkraft 30 daily you will both notice these improvements:


    * Strengthened bone growth

    * Improved assimilation of nutrients

    * Healthier and brighter fur and skin 

    * Bowel movements are regular and organs are clean of toxins 

    * Encourage daily defecation

    * Strengthening of the immune system and joints

    * Alleviation of certain allergies

    * Supplements industrial feed, giving pets the herbs and plant matter they would of usually obtained from their hunted prey’s  stomach contents, when dogs lived in the wild.


[tab_item title='Analysis']


Analytical constituents per kg

Crude protein: 13,90%
Natural crude fiber: 19,20%
Crude fat: 10,80%
Incinerated waste: 29,40%
Humidity: 5,30%
Calcium: 12%
Phosphorus: 0,40%
Sodium: 0,03%


Natural Minerals:





Silicic acid


Amino Acids Herbs and algae:


Lysine (diaminocaproico acid)



[tab_item title='Ingredients']


  • Blend of different herbs (50%) including: alfalfa, cayenne, sage, American genus Solidago, stinging nettle, garlic, lungwort, rosemary, St. John's wort, comfrey, lady's mantle, sea salt, pen, etc..

    Sea algae and microalgae 30%

    20% seeds (flax, milk thistle, grape seed extract, etc..)


[tab_item title='Dosage']



Puppies: From the 3rd week, 1 gram per kilo of puppies’ weight, up to 10 grams per day.

Adult dogs: 1 gram per kilo of weight of the dog, up to 15 grams per day.

Large dogs and breeds (Saint Bernard, Rottweiler, Newfoundland, etc.) maximum of 25 grams per day.

Measuring spoon (5 gr) included in the package

Keep in a cool dry place. ALWAYS keep the pot tightly closed.

Directions: You can mix Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder) directly in with the feed or pour the product directly onto your pet's food. If using a dry feed it is recommended to mix the powder with a little water or yogurt to make it easier for your pet to eat.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='Suggestions']


Start with small amounts and increase them progressively over a week to reach the recommended dose. In case of pathologies, double the amount. There is no real risk of overdose due to the fact that is a natural product, nevertheless, we advise not abuse the product, believing that "more is better".

Avoid mixing Kräuterkraft 30 with hot (cooked) food as the heat deteriorates the natural properties of the plants. If possible, wait for it to cool before adding this product.

It is advisable to let your dog eat the food and supplement immediately after mixing as this product could ferment.

Although we cannot directly give Kräuterkraft 30 medicinal properties, due to certain legal regulations in force, millions of dog owners have reported to us a wide range of improvements in the quality of life of their pets. Many of these cases have been confirmed by animal health professionals. Kräuterkraft 30 has often been used as a last resort, but this is not its main objective, we recommend to use it in a more preventive, supportive way, against disorders in their early stages.

Properties of some of the 30 herbs, plants and seeds contained in Kräuterkraft 30 (Powder):

Alfalfa (Lucerne)

• Active ingredients: amines and amino acids, saponins, silicic acid, coumestrol, fatty acids and vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K.

• Effect: Increases the appetite and digestion. The silicic acid promotes the regeneration of skin wounds and mucous membranes in general and has a positive effect on connective tissue damage. The silicic acid is essential for the formation of bones, as well as the strength and elasticity of cartilage.

Cayenne (Capsicum frutescens)

• Active ingredients: Capsaicin, etheric oil and vitamin A and C.

• Effect: stimulates the cardiovascular system and improves digestion.

Pansy (Viola tricolor)

• Active ingredients: salicylic acid, saponins, alkaloids and flavonoids (rutin).

• Effect: anti-inflammatory, analgesic and mild laxative power. Salicylic acid and flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory effect in cases of inflammation of the joints and skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

Solidago (Solidago Virgae aurea)

• Active ingredients: saponins, flavonoids, essential oil, inulin, routine.

• Effect: increased secretion of the gallbladder and light laxative power to stimulate digestion.

"Poison" Ivy (Rhus Toxicodendron)

• Active ingredients: Urushiol, ureshenol, toxicadendron and flavonoids.

• Effect: anti-inflammatory and analgesic for cases of tendinitis, arthritis, lameness and skin disorders like eczema.

Nettle (Urtica dioica)

• Active ingredients: acetylcholine, choline, histamine, mucilage, tannins, silicic acid, iron and calcium.

• Effect: improves digestion and prevents the progression of diseases such as osteoporosis, cartilage degradation, eczema, abnormal shedding and allergies.

Garlic (Allium sativum)

• Active ingredients: Vitamins A, B, C and alliin.

• Effect: promotes intestinal mobility and reduces blood cholesterol level. Its antibacterial properties fight infection and the invasion of parasites (worms, lice, ticks, fungi, etc).

Lungwort (Pulmonaria officinalis)

• Active ingredients: mucilage, saponins, allantoin, silicic acid and minerals.

• Effect: anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties thanks to silicic acid and allantoin, relieves symptoms in musculoskeletal diseases.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

• Active ingredients: essential oil, flavonoids, rosmarinic acid.

• Effect: stimulates the liver, gallbladder and intestinal muscles. Rosemary has beneficial effects on the blood, eyes, hair and memory.

St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

• Active ingredients: glycosides, flavonoids, essential oil, tannins, choline, rutin.

• Effect: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic, prevents diarrhea. (In natural medicine for humans it is commonly used as a mild antidepressant, anti-anxiety and insomnia).

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

• Active ingredients: allantoin, mucilage, saponins, steroids, silicic acid, vitamin A and B.

• Effect: allantoin promotes regeneration of connective tissue and cartilage.

Lady’s Mantle (Alchimella vulgaris)

• Active ingredients: tannins, flavonoids, salicylic acid, ascorbic acid, quercetin, kaemferol.

• Effect: stimulating anti-inflammatory and muscle tone.

Calamus (Acorus Calamus)

• Active ingredients: essential oils (eugenol, roasted), mucilage.

• Effect: analgesic and antiseptic properties. Improved digestion, promotes the excretion of salivary enzymes and regulates gastric acidity.

Horsetail (Equisetum)

• Active ingredients: silicate.

• Effect: diuretic, depurative, anti-hemorrhagic, haemostatic, astringent, healing and restorative bones and tendons after injury.

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

• Active ingredients: flavolignanos, mucilage, silymarin, vitamin C, E and K.

• Effect: Beneficial for the liver, protects from toxins by stimulating the growth of new tissues or hepatocytes. Highly antioxidant, helps dissolve gallstones, acts as a antihaemorrhagic.

Linseed Extract

• Active ingredients: linolenic acid or omega 3, vitamin E, lignans.

• Effect: regulates blood pressure and arterial function whose benefits play an important role in fat metabolism, calcium and energy. Supports liver and bowel function. It has lots of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.[/tab_item]

[tab_item title='Results']Steadily supplying the  powdered supplement to your pet, you will see the following benefits:

• Improvement of your pet’s health, the intrinsic properties of each plant acts synergistically to encourage and stimulate the animal's health.

• Compensates for lack of nutrients, provides lots of vitamins, minerals and trace elements at the same time improving the absorption of nutrients from feed.

• Improves digestion and metabolism, works as a biocatalyst, optimizing absorption and assimilation of nutrients. Your dog will obtain more nutrients from its food, resulting in a reduced daily food intake necessary to maintain it’s health, and hence reducing the amount of faeces produced. It also promotes the regeneration of the intestinal flora.

• Improves skin and hair, thanks to the large amount of essential nutrients for the skin and fur, improving the overall health of the skin, a glossier coat and increased strength and vitality.

• Stronger joints and bones, brings a wealth of minerals, trace elements and vitamins that stimulate the production of cartilage and it’s maintenance.

• Fluidity of movement, thanks to its properties, along with better formation of cartilage, helps in cases of disease of the bones or muscles. Animals with dysplasia, have shown an improved quality of life through strengthened joints.

• Protection against harmful substances, helps to detoxify their organs

• Improves vitality of the animal, dogs are more lively, the elderly regain strength and activeness.

• Improves fertility and hormonal disorders.

[quote]I want to write this because I was skeptical of natural products for dogs, but the Kraunterkraft 30 powder is too good to be true, I recommend you try it, really, you will be surprised. It is true that it is most noticeable in older animals but it works for all ages. Regarding palatability, it smells like a mix of spices, but I give it in small quantities and mix it with food, I have had no problems. I think a regular daily dose is more important than one large dose. Thanks![/quote]

[quote]Very happy with the results, but had difficulty giving the full dose of 20g a day. My dog’s black fur has increased its shine, he`s a puppy, 10 months old, and is fantastic![/quote]

[quote]I decided to change the Kraunterkraft 30 for powder to make it easier for our dog to eat it. I wish it had another taste because eating a grass like product always ends up being difficult for her…I know that this change would represent changes in the formula or adding chemicals. Every time she has it, it’s a bit worse, it’s like dust (ash-like) you cannot give it on its own, you have to add it to food (I put warm water). By weight, my dog should have 20gr of Kraunterkraft 30 powder, and it’s like giving her 3 tablespoons of chocolate powder,Impossible to swallow without choking, we are forced to mix it in with the food.[/quote]

[quote]Hi, a few months ago I bought this product, my german shepherd crossed with German Bulldog suffers from dermatitis and had a front leg infection. The vet told us they needed to operate on the infected part and let it grow again. After a couple of weeks of giving this product, we were surprised to see that the infection was completely gone and the skin had healed very well. Not without skin irritation but much improved. Thank you.[/quote]

[quote]I'm happy with the results. My boxer is starting to show signs of aging and to get out of shape in its last stage of life. This product along with Natural Luposan Feed-Extra have rejuvenated my dog, giving back dynamism and vitality[/quote]

[quote]After taking the Kraunterkraft 30, my dog just stopped having all the intestinal disorders and articular problems that he had suffered from for the past three years. I am very happy![/quote]

[quote]My dog had a litter of puppies did not grow as they should, according to the vet. So I started to give them the kraunterkraft30 powder, they have gained weight slowly and they are now ready to go to their new owners.[/quote][/tab_item]

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