Natural Extra Oceanic



Suited for dogs with nutritional intolerance, intestinal complications or IBD


Monoprotein, hypoallergenic, high in omega 3,without cereals (gluten), cold pressed







Natural-Extra® Oceanic food has all the basic components that a dog/wolf would obtain in nature. These components cover all the vital and natural needs of our dogs.

This food is made using traditional and artisan methods without extrusion; that is, using a cold-pressed method so small pieces are formed in pellets of 1-2 cm. of length. All the production of our foods takes place under strict private and state quality controls. 

I, Conrado Grandville, formulated Natural Oceanic food, together with our parent company in Germany and a group of nutritionists thinking about their own dogs.

My main desire was to make food for people conscious of the value and importance of a healthy and artisan diet for their beloved pets. And on the other hand, I wanted this food to be suited for dogs with gastrointestinal problems, food allergies, skin problems, IBD or intestinal inflammation. In order to obtain this duality with hypoallergenic properties, I had to choose the best protein for dogs with these problems: protein from high quality white sea fish; and, on the other hand, the best carbohydrate source: the potato. I wanted a dog food that had as minimum 36% of high quality dehydrated fish and 34% potato; these 2 ingredients would make up 70% of the total food content. The rest would be made up of vegetables, fruits and herbs. We did not want to add more “artificial ingredients” because they are not necessary and in addition, they uselessly increase the product price (this is usually a marketing tactic used in  advertising )

I am convinced that we have obtained a very balanced formula without extremes. “More” does not always mean “better,” because more or less meat can be detrimental at the time of calculating the crude protein.  With this proportion of dehydrated meat, we obtain between 24% and 26% of gross protein.

The white fish comes exclusively from manufacturers that prepare and package fish destined only for human consumption. The potatoes are of high quality and dehydrated, forming flakes like those for mashed potatoes. It gives me peace to be able to offer transparency, purity and quality to our best friends. It is possible to work and earn with no need to deceive.

Putting passion into this work and offering quality really makes me very happy and at the same time useful!  It is very satisfactory when customers call to thank us for the change and the improvement in their dear pets! It is wonderful! Wow!



More than 50 years ago, in Germany, the founder of Markus-Mühle® and his son got together with a group of German ecologists and dog lovers (breeders, researchers, nutritionists, educator, veterinarians and animal naturopaths) to talk about natural canine foods. All of them agreed that food plays the most important role in the health and longevity of our pets. Not being satisfied with what the market offered, with the son of the founder as head of the project, they decided to formulate the closest thing possible to the original food of the dog. This  food would require very natural, high quality ingredients and the production process would need to be cold in order not to denature the product and to protect the essential proteins, vitamins, amino acids, andoils, thus also conserving the natural flavors of the raw materials.

Step by step, this food was born with its first brand: “Natural Markus-Mühle®,” the first food (approx. 1960) without extrusion, natural and artisan, considering the health and longevity of our pets and the joy that this offers people who love their dogs. From this discovery, the Luposan® brand came later with many other foods produced by Markus-Mühle®, among them our Natural-Extra® formulated by Conrado but on the same basis as all the food of Markus-Mühle®.

Markus-Mühle® and Luposan® produce only top-quality foods with different varieties and brands.

Natural-Extra® is a range of food that considers the climates of Spain and southern Europe, unlike food produced in cold countries such as Alaska, Russia, Canada, etc., which, due to the climate, have much more protein, fat and other extras, which is not always appropriate for our European dogs.



The cold-pressing production process (not extrusion) reduces the denaturation of the ingredients, their vitamins and their proteins. This method favors the conservation of the aroma and natural flavor of the raw material, naturally obtaining (without flavorings or additives), a high palatability that also promotes digestion and better assimilation of the food. Our company in Germany is a pioneer in world-wide non-extruded food production (made cold) in the form of pellets (not kibble).

While the pellet is being formed, it is packaged in special breathable bags, and once packaged it is transported in cooled trucks, with controlled temperature  between 20ºC-24ºC, directly from the headquarters in Germany to our central depot in Spain in 2 days at the most.

The shipments within Spain are made in heavy, protective white boxes that deflect heat with their white color; they are approved for human nutritional use and are delivered by prestigious couriers that deliver the orders from 24 to 48 hrs. maximum.



Being a product without preservatives and not made at high temperatures, its handling, shipment and storage require more care. It must be kept in a dry and fresh place, staying protected from solar rays and light; close the bag well after using it. Avoid placing the bag where it is exposed to pests or insects, and if possible, do not leave the bag in direct contact with the ground. Do not put this food in plastic containers. Do not leave food in the car, especially in the hotter months. We advise leaving the food in the protective box until finishing it.

We try at all costs to protect food and supplements, bringing them from the German parent company only in cooled trucks, sending it in protective boxes and with the best fast couriers.

We did not practice any type of experimentation with animals and are totally against animal mistreatment. The first blessing of God was dedicated to the animals (Genesis 1:21 - 22)

The electrical energy used by the parent company in Germany, Markus-Mühle®, is of hydroelectric origin, thus collaborating with protection of the environment.



Analytical components
Crude protein: 25%
Crude fat: 9,5%
Crude fiber: 3,30%
Incinerated residue: 7,5%
Humidity: 10%
Calcium: 1,10%
Phosphorus: 0,95%
Sodium: 0,30%


Nutricional additives: Oligo-minerals /Kg
Manganese (E5) as mangan (II) oxide: 48mg
Copper (E4) such as copper (II) oxide: 10mg
Zinc (E6) as zinc oxide 65mg
Iodine (E2) as iodinated calcium: 1,60mg
Physiological nutritional additives: Vitamins /Kg
Vitamin A: 10500 i.E
Vitamin D3: 1050 i.E
Vitamin E: 200mg
Vitamin B1: 3,50mg
Vitamin B2: 7mg
Vitamin B6: 4,20mg
Vitamin B12: 42mg
Biotin: 210mg
Folic acid: 0,35mg
Niacin: 21mg
Vitamin C: 140mg
Pantothenic acid: 7mg
Choline chloride: 1050mg



    dehydrated and ground white fish: 36%; dehydrated and ground potato: 34%; rice germ: 15%; dehydrated and ground vegetables; dehydrated and ground rapeseed pulp; cold-extracted vegetable oil; cold-extracted flaxseed; mixture of dehydrated and ground herbs; sea fish oil; dehydrated and ground Schidigera yucca.


    More information on the ingredients:

    White Fish: mixture of hake, coalfish, Alaska white salmon and cod (the proportions of such can vary according to available stock). This is the animal source monoprotein that mainly contributes Omega 3, which aids to alleviate  inflammatory reactions and gives your dog healthy skin and a shining coat.

    Potato: along with the white fish it is highly digestible. Not containing cereals, it does not contain gluten either. The main carbohydrate contribution comes from the potato.

    Schidigera Yucca: it contains natural properties traditionally used for arthritis; in addition, according to natural medicine, it reduces the odor of feces.

    White rapeseed: it has powerful sulfur compounds considered to be antioxidants. It is low in carbohydrates and rich in vitamin C. Its great fiber content improves the intestinal transit and toxin elimination.

    Vegetable mixture: it contains anti-oxidants, natural vitamins and minerals.

    Mixture of grasses: with detoxing properties, they help to diminish the effects of free radicals, stimulate stomach secretions, decrease flatulence or colic, and gently and naturally support the function of the liver and the intestinal flora. All these components together make a superior antioxidant formula.

Daily Ration


IT IS RECOMMENDED to give your pet 1.2% of his total weight.


Dog of 5Kg 50 to 80Gr
Dog of 10Kg 110 to 130Gr
Dog of 20Kg 230 to 250Gr
Dog of 30Kg 250 to 370Gr
Dog of 40Kg 470 to 490Gr
Dog of 50Kg 590 to 610Gr



These recommendations are offered as an orientation because the amount of food that a dog needs varies depending on the age, size, breed and factors such as the climate, type of activity and temperament of the dog.

It is important to establish fixed schedules to create a healthy feeding pattern and good habits in our dogs.

To avoid overfeeding and excess defecation, weigh the food in the beginning. Do not measure or weigh  Natural Oceanic food with a measurer for extruded or industrial food since, without knowing it, we will be giving our dog a much larger amount of food because Natural Oceanic weighs more in a smaller amount due to being compact and not having air bubbles creating additional volume. 

It is very important for our dogs to always have abundant clean and fresh water within reach.


Our food expires 8 months after the moment it is made and packaged. For this reason, the production of our food in Germany is daily and we do not store food in silos, nor do we have large stocks because its expiration is short. Every week we receive food just made in Germany and we send it directly to our clients' addresses. With this rotation we have the privilege of being the only ones using cooled trucks with a fresh and just-produced product.  At the German company,  they know when a truck contracted by us picks up the food, because it is a refrigerated truck!





Transition to Natural-Extra® Oceanic food:

To adapt the metabolism of the dog to this food, more natural and not extruded, I advise progressively introducing it into the dog's diet. Begin the first 4-5 days by mixing ¼ of Natural Oceanic and ¾ of the usual food. On the following 7days, mix half and half of each food and so on until Natural Oceanic becomes the dog's only food. This process of adaptation will not be necessary in case of changing to another Natural-Extra, Markus-Mühle or Luposan food, since they all have the same production technique and are not extruded.



With this very pure and natural food, you can use your dog's feces for composting and obtain an excellent fertilizer.




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