Natural Extra Chicken


The best maintenance feed for all breeds of dog

The Luposan Natural Extra with Chicken® feed is transported directly from our Markus-Mühle factory in Germany to our warehouse in Spain in refrigerated trucks between 18ºC-24ºC. Being a natural product, it is very sensitive to heat and damp as it contains no preservatives. We send the packages to the whole of Spain in thermo-protective boxes within approximately 24 hours in order to maintain its freshness and shelf life.

Ideal for all breeds of dogs thanks to its unique size and shape, in the form of pellets. Suitable for dogs with digestive-intestinal problems, diarrhea, gas, bad breath, strong fecal odor, etc.

Available in 5kg and 20kg packages.

Energy intake: 365 kcal / 100 g.

Expiration date 8 months (due to its high content of OPC)

Made corresponding the standards of the BIO regulations.

This particular feed, with no marketing campaign apart from that of “word of mouth”, became the flagship of Lupo-Feed in Spain, Andorra and Portugal


Being natural, Organic Certified animal feed, it is produced with high quality ingredients fit for human consumption. Contains: salmon oil, natural antioxidants (OPC), FRUITS, ALGAE, CONDOPROTECTOR (GAGs, Glycosaminoglycans, Chondroitin), FREE RANGE CHICKEN MEAT from SWITZERLAND, etc.



The size and shape of the pellet makes Natural-Extra a soft, smooth and highly digestible feed thanks to the traditional production process. Its balanced formula is equivalent to hunted prey.

The Luposan Natural Extra is produced in our German factory by a traditional cold method (38 ° C - max. 45 ° C) using hydropower technology to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. 

The cold process and its end product pressed into pellets, prevents vitamin and protein degeneration from the original ingredients. Furthermore, this method keeps the natural flavor of the ingredients, increases the palatability and digestibility favouring a high assimilation of nutrients. perritos

Once produced, Natural Extra is packed in recycled paper sacks and immediately distributed in refrigerated trucks with a controlled temperature of between 18 º - 24 º C, directly to our central warehouse in Spain. This means that our timeframe from Germany to Spain, is maximum 4-5 days, allowing freshness to be preserved constantly.

Our products’ shipments to our lupo-consumers, including Luposan Natural Extra, are transported in thermo-protective white boxes suitable for human food. 

Luposan / Markus Mühle takes extreme care in transporting their feed and supplements from our factory in Germany to their lupo-consumers, in order to maintain their freshness and shelf life. This is why we hire refrigerated trucks for international transport and renowned urgent domestic couriers such as MRW, UPS or DHL, amongst others, to ensure that your reception time is approximately 24 h - 48 h maximum, from our warehouse to your home.

This type of distribution implies an increase in our costs, but we do not jeopardize our pets’ food. A natural feed with a short shelf life, exposed to poor storage and lengthy transportation may lose many of its properties. We do not risk it. (Cheap tends to turn to expensive and for us, quality is priceless).

Our motto is: "Offering a high quality product, in pristine condition, with a fast shipping service and careful personal attention, not only the client but your pet will be satisfied, we will succeed! We aim to provide the most professional service possible, using the most dependable couriers available to ensure satisfied customers time and time again. Being a natural product, its shelf life is short: six months in summer, seven months in winter.



Analytical components
Crude protein: 25%
Crude fat: 10%
Humidity: 9%
Incinerated residue: 6,6%
Crude fiber: 4%
Calcium: 1,20%
Phosphorus: 0,90%
Potassium: 0,76%
Magnesium: 0,17%
Sodium: 0,38%
Iron: 240mg/Kg


Nutricional additives: Oligo-minerals /Kg
E1-Iron: 240mg
E6-Zinc como óxido de zinc: 80mg
Copper (E4) such as copper (II) oxide: 14mg
Iodine (E2) as iodinated calcium: 1,70mg
Manganese (E5) as mangan (II) oxide: 48mg
E8 – Selenium: 0,35mg
Physiological nutritional additives: Vitamins /Kg
Vitamin A: 10.500 i.E
Vitamin D3: 1.050 i.E
Vitamin E: 200mg
Vitamin B1: 3,50mg
Vitamina B2: 7mg
Vitamina B6: 4,20mg
Vitamina B12: 42mµg
Biotin: 210mµg
Folic Acid: 0,35mg
Niacin: 21mg
Pantothenic Acid: 7mg
Vitamina C: 140mg
Choline chloride: 1.050mg

Energy: 3650 Kcal/Kg

Carbohydrates: 37,4%



  • - Swiss chicken meat ( dehydrated and powdered ): 28-29%
  • - Precooked brown rice brown / steamed
  • - Precooked whole corn / steamed
  • - Venison belly ( dried and powdered )
  • - Menhaden Herring ( dried and powdered) 6%
  • - Organic Minerals (bone meal game)
  • - Dehydrated egg yolk ( dried and powdered)
  • - Extract of Perna canaliculus  (green lipped mussel meat )
  • - Concentrated extract of red grape seeds
  • - Cereal germ
  • - Parsnip 
  • - Cold pressed vegetable oils (linseed oil, rice and nuts)
  • - Swiss chicken fat
  • - Mixture of plants and herbs (caraway or cumin, fennel, thyme)
  • - Seaweeds
  • - Fruits (apple, cranberry, pear)
  • - Yuca (cassava)
  • - Jerusalem artichoke (tupinambur)
  • - Vitamins
  • - Trace elements
  • - Algae Spirulina
  • - Salmon Oil

MINI Pellet for Smaller Breeds!

Although our feed pellets are soft, and smaller dogs can chew them with just a tad more work, in response to popular customer demand, we are very pleased to present our "Classic" Natural-Extra Chicken Mix with “MINI” pellets, especially prepared for small and miniature breeds. We sell this new product exclusively in our small 5 Kg size bags. Specialists recommend providing 1.4% of the dog's weight in dry feed.

The bag contains the same formula we use for our Natural-Extra Chicken Classic, with the only difference being the much smaller pellet size.pellet normal and MINI

The smaller “Mini” pellets of our Natural-Extra Chicken Mix aid smaller pets - with their smaller jaws - to easily chew their food, such as in the case of the Yorkshire Terrier, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Bolognese or Maltese, Poodle, Pekingese, Shitzu Sausage-Mini, Dachshund, Pug, Griffon, etc.; basically, any dogs weighing typically between 1.5 kg and up to approx. 5 kg.


In addition, owing to its smaller pellets, Mini Pellet is suitable for puppies, too, especially those of smaller breeds. When offering these smaller-sized MINI pellets to your little pet, you should feed it approx. from 2% to 2.5% of the puppy's own weight per day, but divided up into smaller fresh rations throughout the course of the day.

Older dogs:

This feed is also ideal for those of smaller size, particularly for older dogs who have sensitive gums, or who do not have all their teeth, or who have none at all. Our MINI Pellet allows them to be able to eat without any difficulty. Do place plenty of fresh water at your pet's side, as dogs without teeth will tend to swallow the pellets whole.

Daily Ration


Equivalent to 1.2% of the weight of the dog

Dog of 5Kg 50 to 60Gr
Dog of 10Kg 110 to 130Gr
Dog of 20Kg 230 to 250Gr
Dog of 30Kg 350 to 370Gr
Dog of 40Kg 470 to 490Gr
Dog of 50Kg 590 to 610Gr
Dog of 60Kg 710 to 730Gr
Dog of 80Kg 940 to 980Gr



(Equivalent to 2% of the weight of the dog)

5Kg 90 - 110Gr
10Kg 190 - 210Gr
20Kg 390 - 410Gr
30Kg 590 - 610Gr
40Kg 790 - 810Gr
50Kg 900 - 950Gr
60Kg 1100 - 1200Gr
80Kg 1300 - 1500Gr


*These data are indicative.

Daily Allowance for young, active and sporty dogs. The amount given should be equivalent to the 2.4% of the dog’s weight.


The amount of food your pet needs varies depending on age, size and breed, without discarding the climate and level of activity of your dog. For example, a puppy can eat up to twice the amount  an adult dog needs, but an elderly or overweight dog needs less food. Ideally your pet reaches a balanced diet without gaining weight or losing weight, being “healthy and vital.

We recommend feeding your pet at least twice a day, for that you would need to split the amount shown in the table in half, rationing it in periods of 8-12 hours, it is important to establish regular times to create a healthy eating pattern.

To avoid overeating and excessive defecation, start by weighting the amount of feed you give to your pet. Do not measure or weigh Luposan feed with an industrial extruded feed tool because without knowing, you will be giving your dog a lot more food because LUPOSAN weighs more with less volume!

It is important that your dog always has fresh, clean water available.


  • Introducing your pet to Luposan’s Markus-Mühle / Natural Extra feed.
  • To condition your dog's metabolism to Luposan’s Markus-Mühle / Natural Extra with Chicken feed, we advise you gradually introduce it to your pet's diet. Start the first 4-5 days combining  ¼ of  Natural Extra feed with ¾ of its usual food. After 5 days, offer half and half, until Natural Extra feed becomes their only food. This adaptation process is not necessary when changing to another Luposan feed, as they all have the same 100 percent natural base and are not extruded.
  • Transport and storage of our products, especially in hot temperatures


  • Handling, transport and storage of Luposan Natural Extra with Chicken
    As a natural based product, requires more care than industrial feed: You must always keep it in a cool dry place, away from light and sun, properly closing the bag, storing it in a special storage box and avoiding exposure to possible pests. Do not store in damp places such as garages. Never leave the feed bag in your car, especially in summer. Avoid placing the bag directly on the ground 


  • Shelf life


    From the time they are produced and packaged in our factory in Germany, shelf life is 7 months as from the date indicated in the lower rear of the bag. Luposan production in Germany is a daily process, stocks are not generated. 



  • Beware of over ordering!
  • Our products cannot be compared with sterile foods packaged in hermetically sealed cans, suitable for storing in the pantry for a long time.
  • Our products are natural, no preservatives and with a short shelf life, so they are more sensitive to pests, insects, fungi, moisture, heat, etc.


  • We therefore recommend:
  • 1. Store in a cool dry place.
  • 2. Keep away from light and sun.
  • 3. Never leave it in the car, especially in summer.
  • 4. After opening the bag, after taking out the amount your pet needs, seal it and if you can, leave it in a thermo protective box until finished.
  • 5. If stored well, you do not need to put it in the fridge.
  • 6. In case you are interested in our offers for purchases of 2, 3 or more feed sacks, note that the shelf life is 7-8 months and that sacks should be kept as explained above. If you do not have a suitable place to store it or your pet is not going to consume the whole amount before 7-8 months, it is better to buy less quantity even if it costs a little bit more, so your pet will enjoy a product in good condition.
  • Goodies/ rewards
  • All dogs love goodies and owners like to reward them at the first opportunity, however it is important to note that the awards should represent maximum the 3 or 4 percent of their daily intake. The rest must come from a healthy and well balanced diet.
  • We emphasize that owners need to be careful with elaborate rewards or treats, especially if they are of low quality because they can be harmful to the dog's digestive system. In other words: There is no use in giving high quality natural meal only to offer them artificial products laden with chemicals, dyes and flavoring? Give them their natural candy such as natural dried meat, etc.
  • Other Recommendations


    Do not make your dog run right after eating!

    It is not advisable, especially if we want to prevent and avoid stomach pains, especially in large breed dogs. After dinner you can walk with your dog, but avoid running and overly active play.


  • Advice:

    Luposan-Spain is a specialist in their own brand, we do not produce for other brands of feed. Our goal is that customers get the best results in feeding their pets with Luposan.

    Our dog’s diet is the basis of their health. Therefore, the team Luposan-Spain is available for any advice you may need regarding our feed and supplements, taking into consideration your pet’s age, race, size, health status... etc. Call us on 965 76 76 76, we will be happy to assist you. Remember: "A healthy dog ​​makes a happy owner."

    We are also interested in your experience and opinion of our products. Write to us with any feedback. Thank you!

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