Dices of poultry and lamb.


Cuts of poultry and lamb, gently dehydrated in hot air ovens.


Product made in Germany with high quality raw materials, no preservatives, no dyes, flavors, added sugars, candy, bone meal, or gluten.


Ideal as a prize or reward. Not replace the usual daily feeding this product. Dose moderately, without abuse, because of its high protein content. Because it is a natural product, the analytical values ​​and the size of the snack may vary.


Bites training


Chunks of beef lung, gently dehydrated in hot air ovens,


A 'light-snack'. Soft consistency, low fat, good for small dogs, older, with sensitive stomach and overweight. It can be divided into smaller pieces. Ideal as a reward in training.


To send the products to our "Lupo-clients" in Spain, we hire courier companies highly regarded as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etc. to ensure that your reception time is 24 h - 48 h maximum. This type of distribution implies an increase in our costs, however, do not save or play with the product quality that our pets eat. 


We recommend purchasing our products, especially accessories, with the advice. Our goal is not only to sell, but to help and advise you to get the best results and avoid complications from their pets. Please call: 965 76 76 76 Luposan-Spain.


Analytical constituents per kg


Nutrients Poultry
Crude protein: 68,90%
Crude fat:: 48,10%
Crude fiber: 1,50%
Incinerated waste: 3,20%
Humididy: 4,10%
Nutrients Lamb
Crude protein: 70,50%
Crude fat:: 36,00%
Crude fiber: 1,10%
Incinerated waste: 2,70%
Humididy: 5,40%
Nutrients Training
Crude protein: 73,40%
Crude fat:: 10,50%
Crude fiber: 2,90%
Incinerated waste: 5,70%
Humididy: 7,50%


  • Lamb, 100% ovine
  • Training, 100% bovine
  • Poultry, 100% poultry

Daily Ration

  • Small breeds: 2 – 3 a day
  • Medium breeds: 2 – 5 a day
  • Large breeds: 5 – 10 a day


Snacks are great for keeping our pets entertained while learning or reward them for good behavior.

It is important that pet owners are aware that snacks provide extra protein to your diet, so it is necessary to control the amount of daily prizes their dogs to maintain a balanced diet.

A 100% natural snack ideal for keeping your pet entertained in case of leave him alone for long.

The training range is specially designed to train your pet

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